Master Clown

A course of 4 week-long sessions over an arc of 2 years for those who have some clown experience, both those who want to clown professionally, as well as those looking for personal enrichment through creative artistic work.


For the brave. For the free.
For those who are neither brave nor free, but would like very much to become so, at least a little bit.

The master clown is for those who have some experience with clowning, ideally but not necessarily Lunar Clowning.

It is a perfect opportunity for those already engaged as or thinking to become professional clowns, as some of the material is oriented towards performance and the creation of

individual or group pieces.

But it is also adapted to those without professional clowning aspirations, as the visiting and revisiting of playful clown spaces is an efficient springboard to the creative act itself, vital to anyone who works or lives in an environment where thinking outside of the box is useful,

while the creative participation in a community of learners is the most sublime act of communication available in this lifetime.


We feel that we once again have the conditions to fortify the Intercultural Clown work.

Mirco Trevisan and Robert McNeer have decided to propose a new edition of the Master Clown work first offered by Paul MacDonald and Robert McNeer In 2014.

We intend to facilitate a new community of learners, prepared at the same time to go deeper into their individual interior voyages, and to open that voyage to a considered and loving (and often deeply hilarious) dialogue with their peers, dedicating more resources (of time, money, and psychophysical energy) to an open-ended and profound group reflection/action.

The educational arc

We propose 4 one-week sessions over the span of 2 calendar years, with the following themes:


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A deepening and broadening of my clown’s persona in a playful  community of learners.

An experiential journey towards profound lightness  profondità, creating the common vocabulary necessary for our voyage together.


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A detailed exploration of how we clowns observe our environment, and the creative manner in which we can offer our reflections back into the world.


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A detailed practice of techniques for bringing clarity to our clown play, improving our performative capabilities.

The Clown and DEVISING

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Development and analysis of single and collective creative process in order to mount one’s own clown show.

This is our initiating proposal.

But we realize that the course must be tailored to the specific needs of the group.
For that reason, after the first class, “The CLOWN”, the course leaders will decide together with the group the specific emphasis and order of the following classes.


when, how and how much

The calendar

The Master Clown extends over 2 years total, divided into 4 sessions of a week each:

  • First session: November 19-24, 2022;
    The course will start after reaching the minimum number of 12 participants.
  • Second session: May 6-11, 2023;
  • Third session: October 20 – 25, 2023;
  • Fourth session: May 4-9, 2024.

The cost

As the course intends to create a single group for a two-year experience, the cost of each successive week is reduced, encouraging participation in all four weeks.

One week of participation costs 800€,
your second week costs 720€,
your third week costs 640€,
your fourth week 560€.

The costs include room and board.
Each session is six full work days, starting in the morning of day one, and finishing in the evening of day six.

Write a letter

Potential participants should write a letter describing their clown experience, their motivations and expectations regarding the course by September 1, 2022.

Write us: