& Relax

Six days of anti-stress clown impro: dance, excursions to the beach and seaside fish restaurants.


For those who don’t want the clown-work to interfere too much with their discipline of tanning and sea-side restaurants, who would like to explore the “um…” in the “Ohm,” we offer an all-new hybrid: Clown and Relax!

We tone our psychophysical well-being in a six-day regime of

clown improvisation, dance, and early summer beach fun, together with local sightseeing and dining out.

This is an anti-stress, full-breath immersion in fun, play, and fish.


when, how and how much

The calendar

The Clown&Relax workshops are 6 days long, and take place only once a year.
The next one, with Robert McNeer and Mary Salvatore, starts at 10 am on June 5 2021 and finishes at 3 pm on June 10 2021

How much?

The Clown&Relax workshop costs 510€, which includes room and board, but registering at least 3 months in advance you receive an Early Bird Special discount.
Write us for details!

Every session consists of 6 full days, from the morning of day one until the evening of day six.