Motivation: Having trained with Nose to Nose and facilitating regularly, I was looking for a place to stretch and challenge my clown and clowning skills. Courses like the one offered at La luna are a rarity, in particular a masters clown course where individual participants set their own goals, intentions and focus.
This is nothing like a course in a clown school or clown university where the curriculum is pre-planned. Under the guidance of experienced clowns/actor/directors, the course is custom made and shaped to serve the needs of the participants on the course. 

Lived Experience: I not only grew and changed through the expertise of the course facilitators, but through the collaborative work with the other participants. The pooled expertise made for a rich learning field.
I furthered skills related to rhythm, focus, stage presence, and team play. The residential setting at La luna is condusive to stepping deeply into a process in the company of other dedicated souls. 

Professional ‘Take Aways’: My clown has shifted, grown, and I am still sowing the seeds planted during the masters course. This could be a course one could easily repeat since the starting point is wherever your clown is at at a particular moment. The course inspired me to perform more often, as a social clown, and to start working on a solo.

Current Activities & Title: Clowning Facilitator/Theater Pädagogin, particular focus in teacher development, conflict & communication.