Lunar Clowning

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Oh yes, as seriously as modern science, which has “discovered” that humor is healthy, opens the heart and the mind, and nurtures rich group communication.

The attitude of the clown turns the world on its head: seen over the top of a red nose, mistakes become opportunities, become a dance of poetic possibility. Our clown work confirms the precious individual beauty of every errant soul.

Into our increasingly perfectionist society of autistic

anonymity, the clown’s laughter brings new breath, an authentic joy, offers the elegant simplicity of the child.

And the wonderful thing is, no one need bring skills or technique to the work: through the emotions born of play, dance and improvisation on the empty stage, we explore our own intuitive sense, while the feedback helps us develop a group vocabulary which transcends the cognitive and judgmental, bringing us to a poetic, loving communication, through which the world is reborn.


At La Luna clowns with or without experience from all over the world meet and meet again to play, to dance, to laugh, to cry and sing.


A course of 4 week-long sessions over an arc of 2 years for those who have some clown experience, both those who want to clown professionally, as well as those looking for personal enrichment through creative artistic work.


Six days of anti-stress clown improvvisations, gentle yoga, dance, and early summer beach fun, together with local sightseeing and dining out.

Next workshops

Intercultural Clown

10 - 15 September 2023
with Robert McNeer and Mirco Trevisan

Master Clown III

Second Session:
20 - 25 October 2023
with Robert McNeer and Mirco Trevisan


What language is spoken?

The course is conducted in English and Italian: about half of the participants are nonItalian.

I’ve never done clowning: can I participate?

Yes of course! You don’t need clown or theater experience to participate.

May I speak with someone who’s already done it?

But of course! If you like, we will give you contact info of former participants.
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