Discover a little bit more about theachers who lead Lunar Clowning workshops

Robert McNeer

Dynamic…foolhardy…a mediocre plumber but a very interesting trainer

This and worse has been said of the cofounder of the innovative cultural center in Southern Italy, “La Luna nel Pozzo.”
There he regularly directs differently-abled (as well as same-abled) actors. He is also an actor: the autobiographical “Superman & Me” is a recent work, as is “I Saw You,” a paranoicomical romp for actor and Revox.
Robert is a valued clown and theater facilitator in some circles, including among Danish hospital clowns, European Waldorf educators, and German inclusive work communities.
He has planted 5000 trees on his land in Italy, which will make a lovely living bower for his tomb.

Rodrigo Morganti

Bilingual from birth, a big, fat example of the eternal devil-may-care approach of the Italo-Spanish clown…

In 1995 he became the very first ‘Clown Doctor’ in Italian pediatric wards, and he’s worked in the hospitals since, training his future colleagues through his teaching in clown therapy associations all over the world, flat, round or spherical as it may be (in Switzerland, Spain, Lebanon, Bielorussia, Equador…)
Cofounder of the “Jokers Without Borders” project, he has participated in expeditions to places where war, poverty or natural disaster has made it difficult to smile.
Some years ago he fell in love with “La Luna nel Pozzo,” both the place and the project, and has since been co-teaching Lunar Clowning with Robert.


Mirco Trevisan

Wise, well planted in the ground, head generally in the clouds. Basically, a tree.

A country boy (Venetian way) with the hopes of an artist, who turns out to be a clown. What pleasure and pride for friends and family!
Fifteen years’ collaborator with BARABAO theater in Piove di Sacco (Padua) as actor and author, 10 years’ training (and ultimately trainer) at “La Luna nel Pozzo.”
In Padua, cofounder of the “Galactic Guide for Clowns” project, a games-based formative training which prepares players by honing their active listening skills to enrich the dialogue between inner and outer voices.
Currently in hands-on training as father, an intensive open-ended course led by his son Lorenzo, a severe master, but a wisely creative one.

Janne Jørgensen

She says about herself: “I am mostly an idiot – and from time to time a wise one”.

She has been working in the Danish Hospital clown organisation for six years, as a clown in, hospitals, psychiatry wards and with people with dementia.
For the last two years as a part of the Artistic Team, focusing on coaching and the teaching program.
She has done a wide variety of performance, circus, clowning and teaching over the many long years of her life!
She has always been interested in honest expression and the expression of honesty.
She is fascinated by fear and find herself  searching for,
and curiously exploring for, its resources and value.